Bunzl & Biach - Waste management services

Waste paper – Supplying – Disposal – Trading


BUNZL & BIACH Group is the main waste paper supplyer of the following mills: Laakirchen Papier AG, Essity Austria GmbH and Raubling Papier GmbH.
UUNZL & BIACH Group together with the subsidiary companies in Austria, Germany, Central and Eastern Europe, plays an important role in guaranteeing waste paper supplying to the above mentioned mills at a domestic and international scale.


BUNZL & BIACH is the biggest private company in Austria in the field of waste paper and data protection. It offers different services such as:

• Customized recycling solutionsn
• Allocation of different types of containers
• Just in time emptying and picking up of containers
• Assured recycling of disposed paperboard and paper volumes

The company`s environmental and quality awareness are documented by different certificates such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS and its certificate as a waste management company.

Bunzl & Biach - Data Security & Destruction

Data Security & Destruction

"B&B System" is an important company sector inside BUNZL & BIACH because it controls the network between data protection and data destruction.

BUNZL & BIACH guarantees all customers a secure and contractually chain of data destruction according to "ÖNORM S 2109 Akten u. Datenvernichtung". The use of special containers, vehicles and an electronic video surveillance assures a safe and complete destruction of sensitive data materials.

• On time and absolut data secure pickup and destruction
• Non-binding consultation and sample delivery on "Data Security Day"
• Personal control of the destruction process on site
• Confirmation of destruction by certificate


This service is committed to providing  data destruction for private person, social association, public utility organisation, small companies, etc. Every Monday and Wednesday we offer a free destruction service of waste paper at our depots in Vienna and Linz. The limit in order to have it for free is about 200 kg or 100 full folders.

Bunzl & Biach - Data Archiving & Destruction

Data Archiving & Destruction

BUNZL & BIACH has a long-dated experience in paper management and destruction services. It offers customers the opportunity to get a complete outsourcing of their business documents as well as a safe destruction of sensitive documents and materials.

• Cost reduction by saving space
• Privacy through coded Documentary-Saves
• Special software for transparent reporting

B&B SYSTEM – Archiving and destruction by perfectly coordinated processes and solutions.

Bunzl & Biach - Disposal of packaging waste

Disposal of packaging waste

In accordance to the Packaging Ordinance BUNZL & BIACH is a regional transfer/collecting point for waste packaging in the area of Vienna. We process and recycle the collected waste materials.

Our service includes the collection of the following waste materials:

• Waste paper packaging
• Plastic packaging
• Wood

... provided that they come from commercial or industrial sources and then submitted to the collecting/recycling system.

Bunzl & Biach - Disposal of waste materials

Disposal of waste materials

We offer not only a disposal of waste paper material but also of the following waste materials such as:

• Commercial waste materials
• Wood
• Styrofoam
• Plastic
• Scrap metal

... provided that they come from commercial or industrial sources and then submitted to the collecting/recycling system.