Bunzl & Biach - History


The history of BUNZL & BIACH in Austria reaches back into the second half of the 19th century. In 1888 Moritz Bunzl bought a paper mill in Ortmann (Lower Austria) that already used waste paper as a secondary material in its paper production.

In 1936 the company was transformed to a public limited company and integrated in the BUNZL group holding. Due to rising waste paper demand BUNZL established depots in Vienna and Linz. On December 17th 1990 the company was reestablished as a private limited company as a result of restructuring and the new ownership of SCA Graphic Laakirchen AG and SCA Hygiene Products GmbH (Ortmann).

2013 Heinzel Holding has purchased 100% shares of the paper mill SCA Graphic Laakirchen AG. This acquisition also involves the purchase of a 51% majority holding in the waste paper retailing company BUNZL & BIACH.

Nowadays BUNZL & BIACH belongs to it‘s mother companies Heinzel Holding GmbH and SCA Hygiene Products GmbH.